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Why You Should Join as an Affiliate

Thanks for stopping by check out the Weight Loss Content Monthly affiliate program. So, why should you join in and promote this membership? I’ve got a few great reasons:
  • Recurring commissions. You earn 50% commission EVERY MONTH the people you refer stay a member. This means you can promote once and be earning passive income for years to come.
  • Instant commissions. I’m using JVZoo to manage affiliates so you’ll be paid instantly (after being approved via JVZoo).
  • Affiliate tools. Check out the social media graphics, banners, and bullet points ready for you to use!
  • Bonuses. Want to increase your conversion rate further? JVZoo makes it easy to offer bonuses when people buy through your link. You can log into your JVZoo account and upload the bonus so there is no extra work on your part to make sure it’s delivered.
  • New FE products to promote every month for more commissions.

Click here to request your affiliate link. If you’ve never promoted one of my products before be sure to leave a message letting me know who you are and how you plan to promote. You can also email me at amanda[at]plrcontentmarket.com if you have any questions or requests. Don’t forget to sign up for my affiliate notification list below!

Check out the sales page with a list of all articles for this month listed:

Weight Loss Content Monthly

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What is Included in This Package

Each month members will get tons of fresh content for their weight loss blog or website. That makes this perfect for any weight loss blogger or affiliate marketer. When the new month’s worth of content comes out the previous month of content will be removed so people definitely want to join from the start. The monthly packages will include:

This month is focused on weight loss for busy people.

  • 1 PLR report (This Month: Weight Loss for Busy People)
  • 10 PLR articles
  • 5 PLR product reviews
  • 10 PLR recipes
  • 10 social media images
  • 25 PLR tweets

Along with the monthly content I’ve put together a ton of bonuses and freebies. More will be added each month. This “forever” content includes:

  • Ebooks and reports covering topics such as walking for weight loss.
  • More social media graphics.
  • Lists of hot products to promote.
  • TONS of extra PLR articles.
  • A database of high quality (and vetted) PLR providers in case you’re looking for more content.

Promotional Social Media Graphics

Feel free to save any of these and use them to promote the membership on your social media profiles.

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If you’d like one with different text feel free to let me know and I’ll fix one up for you. 🙂

Promotional Banner Graphics

Here are some banners for your website or blog. If you want another size let me know and I’ll set it up.

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Other Graphics You Can Use for Promos

Here are a few other graphics you can use for your emails and promos.



Email Details

Here are some bullet points and product details for you to use in your emails.

Subject lines:

Get in on this $60.9 billion industry with monthly PLR!
Attention weight loss bloggers and affiliate marketers:
How would you like fresh weight loss PLR month after month?
ACT FAST – This Weight Loss PLR discount won’t last long!
HOT PLR – Weight Loss For Busy People

Weight loss industry facts:

  • The weight loss industry makes $60.9 billion a year.
  • More people than ever are heading online to find the solution to their weight issues.
  • Over 108 million people in the US consider themselves to be dieting.
  • Even when the economy suffers, the diet industry still flourishes because people always want to lose weight.
  • There are unlimited subniches within the weight loss industry. There are tons of different diets (and dietary concerns), demographics, fitness options… you can take this content and tailor it to whatever niche you choose.

Extra points about the membership:

  • Each month you get fresh content that hasn’t been sold anywhere else covering a topic your readers actually care about.
  • Social media graphics are the perfect way to drive traffic to your site or get more engagement on your Facebook page.
  • Keep your list active and engaged by giving them these free monthly reports as gifts!
  • Recipes get tons of traffic from sites like Pinterest and can help you get more repeat readers.
  • I carefully choose the products for the product reviews in each month’s content. They’re always hot and in-demand products with plenty of positive Amazon reviews (or Clickbank popularity) to give you the best conversion rates possible.

Here’s a summary of what’s included in each month’s content: (this month’s topic is Weight Loss for Busy People)

Report with ebook cover (both PNG and PSD included)
10 fresh PLR articles
10 PLR recipes with introductions
5 high quality PLR product reviews
10 social media graphics/conversation starters
25 PLR tweets
New bonuses every month